Location History


Roger Q. Mills founded Sunny Brook Farm near Monroe, in 1919.


The current location of the Broken Yolk Cafe was built in 1920; however, it wasn’t occupied as a restaurant until the late summer of 1923 when Mr. Mills and his wife, Bertha (Mrs. Alex Smith, now deceased), moved the business to the third street location. At that time, a small bar was installed seating six people. There were two round tables and wire-backed chairs in this ice cream parlor.


In 1931 a Frigidaire soda fountain was installed as was an “L” shaped maple bar seating about eight persons. Three of the current booths were installed by the window. About 1935, another long section of maple bar was installed forming a “U”.


In 1940, Mrs. Mills-Smith remodeled the dairy lunch installing three small “U” bars and changing the decor to black and white. The kitchen was enlarged to serve hot meals, and a steam table was purchased.


The Sunny Brook Dairy moved to their present location on North Ninth in about 1950. In 1968 Bob and Dawn Burton took over and expanded to “Burton’s Sunny Brook Restaurant. ” During the 1969 remodeling and expansion, the dairy loading dock was removed from the rear of the main building. At this time, an entry was installed to the city parking lot from the building.


Brooke and Brandon Dale signed and started creating their dream restaurant.


The Broken Yolk Cafe opened and began being a breakfast and lunch staple in Corvallis for the next 12 years.


The Broken Yolk re-branded as WiseCracks Cafe and continued its journey as the same place with the same owners, but with a new name. We will continue to be a part of the Corvallis community for years to come.


WiseCracks Cafe has successfully survived the pandemic years, and now is feeling stronger than ever. We feel so blessed to be an active part of this community 💚