About WiseCracks Cafe

The Burton’s expanded several times and became a huge success for many years in Corvallis. After their retirement on January 22, 2006, it was up in the air what should become of the historical site.

The restaurant was split into three separate parts creating three separate businesses. The Solstice Cafe, GK1, and alas The Broken Yolk Cafe. After trying to fill the space with another retail occupancy, the city’s response changed the new owners mind. Several people were begging him to maintain the spot as a restaurant which was much more challenging.

Brooke and Brandon Dale noticed the spot in March of 2006. They looked at it and saw huge potential for their dream to come true. The papers were signed and they were on the road to creating a new restaurant. After a full year of renovating and upgrading, almost everything was new. The floors, walls, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, etc., etc. It was time to open in March of 2007 as The Broken Yolk Cafe!

Our goal was to use the history to welcome the old-timers that wanted to remember their old stomping grounds, but to create a new and exciting atmosphere for the young-at-heart as well. After 13 years of salvaging the old booths and tables, we slowly began to update and replace the old with the new. Springs were broken, tables wobbled, and updating these soon became a necessity. Timing hit where our name was needing to be updated and replaced with something we could call our own. The name “WiseCracks” no longer would step on a newly trademarked name, and the idea of a full re-brand started making more sense. Then the pandemic hit. Cleaning and clearing out couldn’t have been more timely. New logos, new names, new tables, new booths, new rules, new crazy times.

Now more than ever, we are excited to be feeling rebranded, refreshed and moving forward. Maintaining the quality of before, but upgrading the comfort and feel. Cheers to another 40 years. We love you Corvallis!